Make living wages a reality

Guidance & Tool Checklist

This guidance is to help companies understand the steps to prepare and complete the self-assessment. It is recommended that large companies begin these steps 1-2 weeks in advance to allow sufficient time to form your team and gather relevant data.

  1. Designate a lead contact to fill in the Living Wage Analysis Tool (LWAT) on behalf of your company.
    This person will lead coordinating with other teams to gather relevant information, complete the assessment online and share results within the company.
  2. Identify other team members to contribute to the assessment process.
    The LWAT covers company policies and practices related to leadership, human resources management and payroll administration, contractor and supplier management, and procurement and purchasing practices. This means you might need information from colleagues in Human Resources; Procurement; Site Services; Diversity and Inclusion; Sustainable Sourcing; and Stakeholder Relations. You may also need to speak with key suppliers and contractors.
  3. Prepare to take the assessment.
    Prior to starting the assessment, download the LWAT questions and checklist and share among your assessment team. Gather relevant data and reports to complete the assessment.
    Download the Questions:
  4. Complete the assessment online.
    Use the information gathered by the assessment team to fill in the online assessment. Your answers will be saved as you go, and you can always come back and complete the assessment later.
  5. Receive your results.
    The Living Wage Assessment Tool platform will produce a results document that can be downloaded and shared. You can also download your company's responses to all questions. Results include an overall score, as well as progress across different approaches to low wages and living wages. We encourage you to review results as a team to discuss strengths and opportunities, and to develop an action plan.
  6. Consult relevant resources to strengthen your approach.
    The LWAT will point you to resources that can support you in taking next steps.
  7. Revisit the tool to measure your progress and monitor your wage policies as economic factors affect real wage levels.

Thank you for using the UN Global Compact Living Wage Analysis Tool on behalf of your company and for taking this critical step to foster a living wage economy.